I’m Edward Lu, 25 year old software engineer at Microsoft. I’m an alumni of Pennsylvania State University, holding a B.S. in Computer Science with honors, as well as a minor in Mathematics. I play lots of video games, attempt to make them, and then write about both processes.

I develop video games as a side hustle. You can often find me at the Seattle Indies meetups, or at game jams around the Seattle area. You can check out some of my games on the front page, as well as on I’ve written a lot of articles on game development over the years, too; you can find that on the blog.

My main trade is software engineering. I’ve been programming for most of my life; I took my first Java class in 6th grade under my father. Since then, I’ve worked professionally on a broad range of software such as a GPGPU physics simulation, a fork of the Apache webserver, and a two-factor authentication iOS app. I used to hold committer status on the Apache webserver project. Occasionally, I contribute to other stuff too.

If you’d like to get a hold of me, send an email to “chaosed0” at gmail. You can also find me on Linkedin.

The words on this website come from me, not from my employer.

Last updated 3/17/2019